Mobile Phone Displays

What makes our displays stand out from other suppliers?

  1. Our team
  2. Our partner factories
  3. Our processes

Our team

We are experts have many years of expereince in back-lit LCD and OLED display technologies.

Our partner factories

Our factories trust us and we trust them. It's a symbiotic relationship built on mutually aligned goals... to manufacture top quality displays for the after-market phone repair industry.

Our processes

Following the ideal of total quality management to production and testing, the end-to-end processes are monitored by high-level TQM documentation.

Our iPhone displays have two main grades:

  • Original Refurbished (OR)
  • Compatible (CP)

Original refurbished displays have been manufactuered at our factory, to the highest standards, and are almost entirely assembled from OEM parts.

Compatible displays manufacturered and assembled at our factory, to the same high standard processes of OR displays but contain only non-original but fully compatible parts.

We supply screens that are compatible with the iPhone range.

As a wholesaler, the parts in stock are only available to our approved clients. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Common Queries and Questions

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