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We believe we’ve found a bit a niche.

You're not alone in being caught in a dilemma when doing business with China - whether your key suppliers are located there or you have an entry strategy for your goods or services into the huge domestic market of Mainland - this dilemma is frequently an obstacle for most companies.

The dilemma is this: do I have the budget, time and experience to set up a company in China which can oversee my business? or can I really trust and rely on generic outsoruced services such as sourcing agents or contractors to carry out work on my behalf?

We believe there's an empty space located between businesses challenged with setting up their own legal entity in China, and trying to run your operations from a distance using serviced offices or freelancers and task based contractors.

What are we offering to fill that niche? We offer a full virtual office and employees that are yours for hire. Depending on your business needs we can set you up with a local employee and office space which is based on variable contract lengths.

What does this mean in reality? You'll have full direct control over your dedicated employee and can instruct them to carry out business activities on your behalf. You can directly manage them with their motivation being aligned to your company goals.

Think of it as having your own office and employee without any of the upfront investment costs or long-term commitment.

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